Enemy Mine – Ethan McPeake

The movie I will be talking about is Enemy Mine. This movie is about a space pilot who crashed on a planet. He found an alien. When he meet the alien that was the trigger. A little a little later they start to bond to each other. Even later they become good friends and build a shelter. I think this is a good thought for people. These people in this movie are two very different people. The reason for the title is the backstory, the two races are enemies.

I would connect this to Toy Story, the reason why is when the two meet in Enemy Mine, at first they hate each other but later they’re really good friends. In Toy Story, when Andy buys a new toy and Woody gets jealous of the new toy, but eventually they become best friends.

The theme of this is to be content with what you have. I know this because at first they are mad, but then they realize that they only have each other.

I would recommend this because it is a nice movie with a good lesson. To be content with what you have. I would rate this movie 4.9 stars out of 5. (Ethan McPeake)

Blended – Grace Lewis

The movie Blended is a family friendly movie to sit around and enjoy yourselves. When you hear the word “blended” then you would know in that second that something is not right and that it is a twist to what you are about to see.

Blended is a 117-minute movie that set off a comedy and romance between two families. Even though the movie is rated PG-13 that doesn’t mean that family and friends can’t watch it kids 10 and older should be allowed to watch it.

The rating is 6.5 of a 10 stars, which is pretty good if you don’t think so. You usually see Adam Sandler in a comedy movie, but not only is Blended a comedy movie it is a comedy and romance movie. See if you can figure it out why they call it a “blended” family.

Go out see it enjoy it. (Grace Lewis)

Hoot – Brooklynn Hollis

The movie Hoot was about a boy, called Roy (Logan Lerman) that moves around the country a lot. When he moved to Florida he met a boy trying to save a certain type of animal.

I would connect this movie to the television show the Kratt Brothers. I connected the movie Hoot to this show because they both talk about interesting animal(s). If you really could not relate to the Kratt Brothers than you most likely will not be interested in this movie.

The movie Hoot talks about saving habitats. In the movie the “bad guys” were going to demolish a certain animal’s habitat. To relate to our world this movie shows you what is actually happening in our world, what we are not doing, and what we need to do.

I would most definitely recommend this movie to any animal lovers. I recommend this movie, also, because it shows what is happening in front of the world’s eyes and we aren’t doing anything about it.

So, you should go see this movie, it is a very good movie. (Brooklynn Hollis)

Avengers: Age of Ultron – Maximillian Turner


I watched the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. It starts out with the Avengers fighting TOGETHER not against each other to recapture Loki’s scepter. They have the Hulk calm and Iron Man fighting not just for himself. As they continue in the movie they eventually are fighting each other again. But at the end they are mostly all separated. I mainly liked this movie because it was better than the first one and that one was amazing. This movie has all the same heroes you love from the first one but also new ones. The extra characters give more to the movie action-wise, humor-wise, and just better in every way, although when you think deep you realize this movie is also a lot like Guardians of the Galaxy. They both have the same material. Also in both movies the team is shaky throughout. Ultron creates a very obvious theme throughout this movie. The theme is that the only way for world peace is to have no world. I honestly don’t completely agree with this theme because Ultron set it at the table and he is bad. This right here proves the world isn’t perfect and needs to be protected. I would definitely recommend this because it was an amazing story. (Maximillan Turner)

Pitch Perfect 2 – Jessica Reichl

Pitch Perfect 2 portrayed a relationship between the Barden Bellas, a group of college girls with high hopes of becoming world champions to regain fame after an unlikely scenario regarding Fat Amy. Throughout the duration of the film, they struggled to rediscover their ‘voice’, but overcame this challenge at their old friend, Audrey’s, boot camp. Together, they were set up to confront their biggest rivals and flourished.

In my honest opinion, the movie was phenomenal. It depicted a basic theme: “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” ~H.E. Luccock. The movie was a combination of teamwork, overcoming challenges, and trust, which teaches an important lesson to viewers around the world.

The central idea of this film can be connected to that of Insurgent. Both movies focus on a group of individuals who strive to overcome a goal, and even though they failed along the way, the built themselves back up for a remarkable finish.

I recommend this movie to anyone searching for an uplifting and humorous film. The Barden Bellas will take you on a ride through a series of unfortunate events with happy endings. The prequel isn’t necessary to carefully follow along, and in my opinion, this movie skyrockets above Pitch Perfect. (Jessica Reichl)

Pitch Perfect 2 – Jules Maisch

On May 12, I went to see Pitch Perfect 2, which is a movie about an acapella group of girls trying to win the world cup of acapella but other groups are stopping them. This was similar to Pitch Perfect, the main movie, because it was still about acapella groups and used most of the same characters. I found this interesting because they used the same story they had before, and yet still made it interesting. This movie teaches the viewer that with teamwork, anything can happen! It gave many examples of this, such as finding their voice through performing at the end. This shows that working by yourself doesn’t always work, sometimes you need a friend to help you. I rate Pitch Perfect 2, 5 stars and think that you should watch this. I feel it’s a good sequel, adding funny scenes, romance, more enemies, and most of all songs. Even if you haven’t watched the first movie, it still adds funny moments to make you laugh out loud. (Jules Maisch)

Pitch Perfect 2 – Tyreq Daniels


Many people say that the original is better than the first but sadly not in this case. I think the Pitch Perfect sequel was better than the first one. I think it is better than the first one because I guess I knew what to expect and the cast of Pitch Perfect made it much more enjoyable to watch. The first one was more like a tutorial or set up for the next one. In Part 2, it had a better meaning the Barden Bellas (acapella group) are up against a much better battle than beating The Trebles. This time, they have to beat their new arch-enemy Da Sound Machine. Da Sound Machine is this German group that wants to beat the Bellas at The Worlds. Instead of The Bellas vomiting themselves to the bottom, Fat Amy made a shocking sighting to the world, so they have to win to be at the top once more. I recommend Pitch Perfect 2 for all ages who are mature enough who can laugh without crying. (Tyreq Daniels)

Pitch Perfect 2 – Tyrel Daniels

Pure Awesomeness

This movie was a good movie. It was a mix of comedy and drama. It was hilarious. It basically had the same content as the first Pitch Perfect movie. It had a lot more singing in it, but it was still kind of the same topic. The group loses their voice and they work so hard to get it back all leading up to the world champion against everyone from across the world.

Pitch Perfect 2 really has a message for life because in the movie they (the Barden Bellas) get two new members and one of them is an upcoming song writer and during the movie she tries to bring up her song whenever they are singing and everybody shoots her down because they don’t use original songs. But at the end they use it (an original song) and shock the world. Now this movie I highly recommend this movie to the older viewers because it is sort of inappropriate but it is a great movie. (Tyrel Daniels)

Pitch Perfect 2 – Kathryn Jordan

In the beginning of Pitch Perfect 2 the Barden Bellas, an acapella group, suffer from a horrid incident. As a result, the Barden Bellas were banned from their tour. However, they were still allowed to compete at the world competition. Along the way the Bellas begin to lose their confidence. Audrey, a former Bella, helps them bond, and work together as a team.

I connected Pitch Perfect 2 to the movie Home. In Home, the two main characters both have to overcome a challenge. After this challenge, they work towards a common goal, and form a bond with each other. In Pitch Perfect 2 the main characters overcome a challenge, and then work to win a championship. While doing this, the Barden Bellas form a bond. This bond is interesting because the connections are very similar.

The theme statement is that if you work as a team you can accomplish your goal. In Pitch Perfect 2 the Bellas succeed, because they work together as a team, leading me to the theme statement. Teamwork is important in our world because it forms a relationship between individuals.

Definitely go see it! It is hysterical, and good for a laugh. You will not regret spending your time seeing this movie. (Kathryn Jordan)

Pitch Perfect 2 – Summer Lilly

About a week ago, I saw a film called Pitch Perfect 2 before it came out and I absolutely loved it. It was both mostly humor and acapella, but that’s what makes it a unique and great movie. But if you don’t know I do have my reasons. First off, it was easily connectable to the first movie because of its characters and similar goals in the end. But the connection was important because without the main characters and goals there is a totally different movie. Another reason why is because they have a very important and great theme. The theme I can pull out of both movies is to never give up which is a very important life lesson.  I would definitely recommend this to people who love comedy and music. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who like lots of violence and horror. In the end, I would definitely rate this movie five stars for the humor and great music.  (Summer Lilly)