Blended – Grace Lewis

The movie Blended is a family friendly movie to sit around and enjoy yourselves. When you hear the word “blended” then you would know in that second that something is not right and that it is a twist to what you are about to see.

Blended is a 117-minute movie that set off a comedy and romance between two families. Even though the movie is rated PG-13 that doesn’t mean that family and friends can’t watch it kids 10 and older should be allowed to watch it.

The rating is 6.5 of a 10 stars, which is pretty good if you don’t think so. You usually see Adam Sandler in a comedy movie, but not only is Blended a comedy movie it is a comedy and romance movie. See if you can figure it out why they call it a “blended” family.

Go out see it enjoy it. (Grace Lewis)

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