Enemy Mine – Ethan McPeake

The movie I will be talking about is Enemy Mine. This movie is about a space pilot who crashed on a planet. He found an alien. When he meet the alien that was the trigger. A little a little later they start to bond to each other. Even later they become good friends and build a shelter. I think this is a good thought for people. These people in this movie are two very different people. The reason for the title is the backstory, the two races are enemies.

I would connect this to Toy Story, the reason why is when the two meet in Enemy Mine, at first they hate each other but later they’re really good friends. In Toy Story, when Andy buys a new toy and Woody gets jealous of the new toy, but eventually they become best friends.

The theme of this is to be content with what you have. I know this because at first they are mad, but then they realize that they only have each other.

I would recommend this because it is a nice movie with a good lesson. To be content with what you have. I would rate this movie 4.9 stars out of 5. (Ethan McPeake)

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