Hoot – Brooklynn Hollis

The movie Hoot was about a boy, called Roy (Logan Lerman) that moves around the country a lot. When he moved to Florida he met a boy trying to save a certain type of animal.

I would connect this movie to the television show the Kratt Brothers. I connected the movie Hoot to this show because they both talk about interesting animal(s). If you really could not relate to the Kratt Brothers than you most likely will not be interested in this movie.

The movie Hoot talks about saving habitats. In the movie the “bad guys” were going to demolish a certain animal’s habitat. To relate to our world this movie shows you what is actually happening in our world, what we are not doing, and what we need to do.

I would most definitely recommend this movie to any animal lovers. I recommend this movie, also, because it shows what is happening in front of the world’s eyes and we aren’t doing anything about it.

So, you should go see this movie, it is a very good movie. (Brooklynn Hollis)

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