Pitch Perfect 2 – Jessica Reichl

Pitch Perfect 2 portrayed a relationship between the Barden Bellas, a group of college girls with high hopes of becoming world champions to regain fame after an unlikely scenario regarding Fat Amy. Throughout the duration of the film, they struggled to rediscover their ‘voice’, but overcame this challenge at their old friend, Audrey’s, boot camp. Together, they were set up to confront their biggest rivals and flourished.

In my honest opinion, the movie was phenomenal. It depicted a basic theme: “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” ~H.E. Luccock. The movie was a combination of teamwork, overcoming challenges, and trust, which teaches an important lesson to viewers around the world.

The central idea of this film can be connected to that of Insurgent. Both movies focus on a group of individuals who strive to overcome a goal, and even though they failed along the way, the built themselves back up for a remarkable finish.

I recommend this movie to anyone searching for an uplifting and humorous film. The Barden Bellas will take you on a ride through a series of unfortunate events with happy endings. The prequel isn’t necessary to carefully follow along, and in my opinion, this movie skyrockets above Pitch Perfect. (Jessica Reichl)

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