Pitch Perfect 2 – Jules Maisch

On May 12, I went to see Pitch Perfect 2, which is a movie about an acapella group of girls trying to win the world cup of acapella but other groups are stopping them. This was similar to Pitch Perfect, the main movie, because it was still about acapella groups and used most of the same characters. I found this interesting because they used the same story they had before, and yet still made it interesting. This movie teaches the viewer that with teamwork, anything can happen! It gave many examples of this, such as finding their voice through performing at the end. This shows that working by yourself doesn’t always work, sometimes you need a friend to help you. I rate Pitch Perfect 2, 5 stars and think that you should watch this. I feel it’s a good sequel, adding funny scenes, romance, more enemies, and most of all songs. Even if you haven’t watched the first movie, it still adds funny moments to make you laugh out loud. (Jules Maisch)

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