Pitch Perfect 2 – Kathryn Jordan

In the beginning of Pitch Perfect 2 the Barden Bellas, an acapella group, suffer from a horrid incident. As a result, the Barden Bellas were banned from their tour. However, they were still allowed to compete at the world competition. Along the way the Bellas begin to lose their confidence. Audrey, a former Bella, helps them bond, and work together as a team.

I connected Pitch Perfect 2 to the movie Home. In Home, the two main characters both have to overcome a challenge. After this challenge, they work towards a common goal, and form a bond with each other. In Pitch Perfect 2 the main characters overcome a challenge, and then work to win a championship. While doing this, the Barden Bellas form a bond. This bond is interesting because the connections are very similar.

The theme statement is that if you work as a team you can accomplish your goal. In Pitch Perfect 2 the Bellas succeed, because they work together as a team, leading me to the theme statement. Teamwork is important in our world because it forms a relationship between individuals.

Definitely go see it! It is hysterical, and good for a laugh. You will not regret spending your time seeing this movie. (Kathryn Jordan)

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