Pitch Perfect 2 – Summer Lilly

About a week ago, I saw a film called Pitch Perfect 2 before it came out and I absolutely loved it. It was both mostly humor and acapella, but that’s what makes it a unique and great movie. But if you don’t know I do have my reasons. First off, it was easily connectable to the first movie because of its characters and similar goals in the end. But the connection was important because without the main characters and goals there is a totally different movie. Another reason why is because they have a very important and great theme. The theme I can pull out of both movies is to never give up which is a very important life lesson.  I would definitely recommend this to people who love comedy and music. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who like lots of violence and horror. In the end, I would definitely rate this movie five stars for the humor and great music.  (Summer Lilly)

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