Pitch Perfect 2 – Tyreq Daniels


Many people say that the original is better than the first but sadly not in this case. I think the Pitch Perfect sequel was better than the first one. I think it is better than the first one because I guess I knew what to expect and the cast of Pitch Perfect made it much more enjoyable to watch. The first one was more like a tutorial or set up for the next one. In Part 2, it had a better meaning the Barden Bellas (acapella group) are up against a much better battle than beating The Trebles. This time, they have to beat their new arch-enemy Da Sound Machine. Da Sound Machine is this German group that wants to beat the Bellas at The Worlds. Instead of The Bellas vomiting themselves to the bottom, Fat Amy made a shocking sighting to the world, so they have to win to be at the top once more. I recommend Pitch Perfect 2 for all ages who are mature enough who can laugh without crying. (Tyreq Daniels)

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