In the short movie #AmeriCAN, there is a family in which the Dad is a police officer and he has two sons; one appears to be 5-8 years old while the other appears to be 14-18 years old. His older son gets upset when his dad will not let him go to his friend, JB’s house/subdivision. While the Dad is on patrol he gets a call about an alcohol store robbery, so he interrogates two people on the side of the street. When he lets them go home, he turns around to see three people watching him. They bolt into an alley while (Dad) pursuits. He then draws his pistol and says, “Stop or I will shoot!” They did not stop, so he (Dad) in response puts a round into his side. A few seconds later, he unloads the clip. He is then yelled at by the locals, but keeps on saying, “This is a police matter!” He then runs over to the suspect to find out it’s his older Son. Then at the end you see people in (#AllLivesMatter) sweatshirts. In my personal opinion, this is more of a commercial because of the end. This is for people who may possibly want to know more about police brutality. (Payton Sims)

* * *

#AmeriCAN is a short film, on YouTube, by Tiny Giant Entertainment. To me, #AmeriCAN was a very depressing and melancholy short film. It carried a very, very strong message throughout it. It was very touching in a special way. By “a special way”, I mean that it was something you started to watch, you grasped it in your head and heart, and you couldn’t let go. This is what happened to me. I will now think of our country differently (in a good way). I very strongly advise you to go watch this short film and really listen. There were a couple of messages throughout this film that I found. One, being to listen and obey your parents and their rules. Also one being to listen to our country’s Policemen, Firemen, Armed Forces men and women and etc. This was probably one of the best short films I have ever seen. So go check it out, and happy viewing!!! (: {Morgan Braun}

* * *

#AmeriCAN is an incredible short film and public service announcement that emphasizes the unfortunate events that have drawn racial lines between America. This piece describes the mental and physical struggles of today’s American society and their position with the police force. #AmeriCAN depicts Jim Mitchell (Joseph Millson), the main character, to have a distinct difference of action between his family life and his job as a patrol officer. During the film the common motif of violence between black males and police officers is shown in a very unique way, having a significant impact on viewers.

To begin with an overall summary of #AmeriCAN, the beginning of the film shows a police officer having an awkward family dinner with his defiant teenage son, which transitions to an argument between Jim and his son Justin Mitchell (Jance Enslin) causing Justin to rush out of the house when his father is called in pursuit. But when Jim has been called to confront black males that assumingly had been to a liquor store illegally, he finds himself chasing after a mysterious group of men. But when he chooses to shoot at an anonymous male, which happens to be his son, Justin. (Kaitlyn Gartner)

* * *

This short film describes the physical and mental struggle of today’s American society and their standing position with police officers. The film’s depiction of what could be a very true story between a police officer’s life at home and his life patrolling the streets is somewhat intense and leaves viewers anxious for what main character Jim Mitchell’s next move will be by trying to keep the city safe as well as make sure his sons Justin and Bryce are as good as they can be.

The film’s purpose is to make others aware of today’s struggle of racial, religious, and other forms of discrimination in society, especially when it comes to crime and other government matters. The writer/director, Nate Parker, thought that this portrayal of police officers on the streets would show a very important message to everyone living in modern society, discriminated or not. Many Americans experience the struggle, or at least notice it going on. Parker wanted everyone to realize this ongoing problem, especially when it comes to police officers cracking down on a case, assuming the worst of someone because of their race, gender, religion, and etc.

At the end of the short film, it shows people of different ages and races wearing hoodies and bandanas with the American flag printed on them over their nose and mouth. As the film goes on, it shows each person pulling off the bandana and the hood off of their heads. (Jennifer Sadler)

* * *

From segregation to police brutality, this film makes it into a story about a cop (Joseph Millson), his son (Jance Enslin), and his son’s black friend (Shyheim Parker). Throughout the film, I was wondering what the twist on the film was going to be until on his shift, the cop in a black neighborhood shoots his own son on purpose. He didn’t know it was his son. After watching the ending of #AmeriCAN, you get a feeling that you are related to this story, because you know that this has been happening all across America. The goal of the short film was to unite everyone no matter of gender, color, or religion, this was made to be a message. #AmeriCAN is a short film by Nate Parker that emphasizes the problems that America is currently having. (Josh Benedict)

* * *

#AmeriCAN is a short film that grasps the subject that All Lives Matter. Not just white lives, not just black lives, but all lives do matter. The main character thinks that he shot a thug on the street, but it really turned out being his own son. The acting was not the best in the world, but it was pretty impressive considering it being a short film. But the story is not what makes this film great. The best part of the film is definitely the end when there were lots of people of different ethnicities and backgrounds with red white and blue American flags on their face, one of which was on a bike. This was all shot in black and white. Although this could be interpreted in many ways, I thought that it meant that all people are the same, which is what this is about in my opinion. (Sophia Johnson)

* * *

I think #AmeriCAN was fantastic short film! It clearly represents the image of police brutality in today’s society. However, because of this, it might be a very controversial topic on whether or not it was an appropriate film to make. But in my opinion I think it was a great and “appropriate” representation of what occurs so often in our country. While the message was good, I didn’t think some parts of the film were necessary. For example, I don’t think the discussion between father and son was necessary, nor was the shots of the son’s text messages. But overall the message of the film was great. (Connor Abate)

* * *

#AmeriCAN is a short film showing that cops should not pull out a gun so quick and that all lives matter. The message it’s trying to send it good but most of the time you know what is going to happen next as it goes on and has little excitement. The actors did just ok, the dad really being the only memorable character and decent actor in the film. It could have been better, but if you like short films give it a watch and see what you think. Rating: 5.5 (Drew Whipple)

* * *

This short film is about a father who is also a cop and sadly racist. He (the father) goes out and bothers/harasses African Americans. When he sees other teens running around in an alley, the father ends up shooting one of them even though he has absolutely no reason to. The person he shot though ends up being his son. The message for this film is “All lives matter” which is trying to pull people together from both sides of the disparity and inspire the kind of empathy and mutual understanding needed to stop racism and violence. (Dylan Boehme)

* * *

At the beginning there’s a family and they seem to be having some issues.  It starts really weird there’s no credits and it just goes straight to them eating and arguing. And the teen is the main problem. Anyway, as it progresses, the dad doesn’t seem to trust him. Well the dad’s a cop just to put that in there. He has the night shift and when he gets a call about a robbed liquor store, he starts looking for anyone suspicious. So he’s driving around and finds these black people and questions them and then sees three people off in the distance. They see him and start to run. He finally catches up and shoots one of them * spoiler alert he shoots his son * and so yea sad ending. (James Anderson)

* * *

The dad made a horrible decision like some of the police brutality that is happening today unfortunately he was racist and immediately the first African-American people he saw he started to harass them because of their color. They were not doing anything wrong and he started to try and arrest one man when another asked him why he was doing that and was just overall using unnecessary roughness. Then the officer saw some teenagers and chased them after they ran, then they ran into an alley and he for no reason shot one of the boys. People were coming out yelling at him for shooting the kid when his son’s friend saw him and looked at the body in horror the dad immediately turned the dead boy over and saw it was his son he began to sob and cry for help, but in all reality it was his racism that killed the boy. This is a sad message that says to stop police brutality before someone you love gets hurt, even as a 12 year old boy. I know if we don’t stop this racist police brutality our country’s streets will be overrun with people tired of it and we could potentially lose hundreds maybe even thousands of lives just because one officer is racist and makes poor judgment calls. (Dylan Musgrave)

* * *

At the beginning, I thought it was some kind of superhero film, but it just got really dark because the father and the son get in a fight because the son wants to go hang out with his friends and his dad won’t let him and then they hug it out and then the dad goes on patrol because he’s a cop and when he’s on patrol he sees three kids running and chases after them and he finally shoots one and he looks who it is and it’s his son. It was really sad, but it was good I didn’t really like it though. I don’t know why I just didn’t. (Caleb Barnes)


The Brady Kids: The Complete Animated Series


Happen’s Kid Critics offer their esteemed opinions on The Brady Kids: The Complete Animated Series. The release marks the first time the classic cartoon from 1972 has ever appeared on DVD. The show, which graced the small screen during the run of the live-action family sit-com, focused on the exploits of the six Brady children and their collection of animal friends. The original cast members gave voice to their animated counterparts, but the series was best known for its groovy appeal along with its ability to send the siblings on any number of outrageous and down-right loony adventures, which included special guests like Superman, the Lone Ranger, and Wonder Woman, who made her first animated appearance ever on the show. The real question is, does the series hold up for contemporary audiences, and that is what the Kid Critics are here to tell you.

-TT Stern-Enzi


Families will bond over this series because it will remind them of there childhood.  It may not be as good as the original Brady Bunch series, but it will surely bring back memories.

– Henry


I didn’t like the picture that much.  I love how they made the songs.  I liked the adventures.  I liked the jokes.  I liked the pandas, Ping and Pong.

– Cole


I thought that majority of the jokes were cheesy and obvious, and it was very cartoonish, even for a cartoon.  I found the characters perennially cheerful voices very annoying and it lacked subtle nuances or anything beneath the thin surface of bad jokes and irrelevant, nonsensical singing.  The plots also didn’t make much sense, they seemed more like a series of anecdotes than one big storyline, especially in the first two episodes, and they just sort of plodded along.  They didn’t really have exciting bits, and it was hard to take the characters seriously (even when they were being serious ) because they smiling, literally, all the time.  Although all the things I just complained about, I guess, are to be expected, because in 1972, there was very little else in the way of good cartoons for kids.

– Eliza


Compared to The Brady Bunch, it was not the same in my opinion.  It’s super good!

 – Oscar

Face-to-Face with Imhotep (Boris Karloff)

Boris Karloff as Imhotep in ‘The Mummy’

The mummy (Boris Karloff), the antagonist of the film The Mummy, is a very interesting character. He is the most memorable part of the film and brings mystery and excitement to the story, so do the other characters. The love story between Helen Grosvenor (Zita Johann) and Imhotep (Karloff) in the film is very dated and cheesy and so are some other aspects of the film. There is also a part of the film were they protect Helen and bring her to a large house and it drags a lot, it mostly lacks of excitement, good story, drama or anything really and could have been much better scene. The deaths of characters are not surprising and are seen coming but these things do not hurt the film too badly. The story of the film is very creative and I can understand why the film industry wants to remake this film and tell the story once again. If you’re looking for an action based film you find it here but things like sci-fi and mystery definitely are and mostly still holds up today. The acting how ever does not as much but is still an enjoyable movie. Rating: 8.5  (Drew Whipple)

CEMS Meets Lou Costello

Bela Lugosi & Lou Costello in ‘Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein’

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein is a hilarious film! This film originated in 1948 and is a hilarious comedy. Bud Abbott plays Chick, and Lou Costello plays Wilbur (not the pig). The studio is Universal and had an estimated budget of 800,000 dollars.

The story is about two friends (Chick and Wilbur) going on an adventure with the monsters of Dracula, Frankenstein, and a Werewolf. Wilbur is a little funny guy that has a date (or two) that has a lot that Wilbur doesn’t know about. Chick thinks that the women are crazy because of their choice in men. Chick is a taller serious fellow who could be classified as the leader. Their adventure starts off when they get a mysterious call all the way from Great Britain. That was something quite difficult to do back then. They soon spiral on an adventure or as Chick says, “A date with destiny.” But Wilbur thinks destiny should go with Chick.

The main attraction in my eyes is Wilbur. Throughout the movie Wilbur is always making jokes in any situation. One time Wilbur tricks Frankenstein into thinking he is Dracula. He then makes a mistake by turning around and laughing with Chick about it. Chick is constantly annoyed by Wilbur throughout the movie because of Wilbur’s childish humor. I loved watching Wilbur’s reactions when he first saw the monsters. The movie was amazing in and out. My only complaint for the movie was that I cringed at the special effects for Dracula’s transformation. (Josh Benedict)


Whatever it is Costello, “saw what I (he) saw when I (he) saw it!” As he would say. In the film Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein two delivery personnel were hired to deliver two mysterious crates that are for a haunted house. This in my opinion is a great film because it is the perfect mixture of humor and “horror.” The best character to fit this perfect mixture is Costello.

Costello makes this film really enjoyable because he has great comebacks in arguments and when on tall boxes… a great balance. But is a nervous person when it comes to monsters and dark places. Also he is extremely stupid sometimes like when Dracula tries to brain wash him but failed because there is no brain to wash but Costello fakes it so he is not caught.

Also he should learn which way the door opens and he has two girls somehow. By the way be prepared for a little girl scream then a smack as Costello runs into a wall. In conclusion this movie may be in black and white but that does not put it down. In other words this movie even though it is old does not mean it is not worth a try. This film is for people who enjoy comedies and an all-around laugh and dramatic twist. This is not for people who obviously do not like comedies or dramatic twist. This not a horror film do not watch this film for a horror movie experience! (Payton Sims)


Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) is a classic black-and-white film describing the adventure between Chick (played by Abbott) and Wilbur (played by Costello) and their encounter with Dracula, the Werewolf, and the Monster. Wilbur, the main character in the movie, is an important character to the storyline because of his witty/funny one-liners and his luck to be the only one (at first) to notice the supernatural activity going on around them. Wilbur added a lot of important, yet humorous, aspects to the film.

At the start of the movie, Wilbur and Chick work at a post office, receiving people’s packages and mail. A man named Mr. McDougal was the owner of the local House of Horrors, and had two very important packages that Chick and Wilbur were instructed to deliver later that night at his event. When Chick and Wilbur deliver the packages and begin to set them up, Wilbur discovers that the packages contained the real-life Frankenstein monster and his “master”, Dracula. Throughout the film, it is Wilbur’s struggle to try to get his friends and other people around him to believe what he saw. In the meantime, the Monster is growing weak, and the only way Dracula and his mysterious helper can save him is to give him a new brain. In this Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi film, Wilbur and his friends Chick and Lawrence Talbot (played by Lon Chaney Jr.) try to stop Dracula and his mischievous schemes in order to save the word, and not save the Monster, for the fate of humanity.

Wilbur played a very important role in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein because of his attitude toward the situation and contribution to help stop Dracula. Without Wilbur’s humorous and important take on his situation, the movie would not have the same humorous charm that reels in many viewers who greatly enjoyed the film. With Wilbur’s comedic effect and his use of communicating with the characters around him, the film was very enjoyable to watch and made me feel anxious for was going to happen next. I highly recommend the movie Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein to viewers who enjoy comedies and a little bit of scary adventures! (Jennifer Sadler)


I choose Lou Costello. I like Lou Costello because he is really funny and he gets all the girls. The story is about how Count Dracula tries to bring back Frankenstein and Bud Abbott and Lou Costello try to stop him with the help of the Werewolf. When they try to figure out if Dracula is real Lou Costello “falls” in love for a girl that doesn’t turn out what he thinks of her she turns out to be working for Count Dracula. I really loved the effects. I didn’t like Frankenstein because he was really really stupid. And I loved the actor (who played) Count Dracula (Bela Lugosi). {Caleb Barnes}


Have you ever heard or know of the people, Abbott and Costello, who are in plenty of movies? Well, they return in Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. In this movie, Costello gets frightened by a seemingly fake Dracula, along with other monsters that are supposed to be for a haunted house, but realize that everything is creepier and livelier than they appear. Even though this movie is mostly a thriller, there is also plenty of comedy. For me, this film was pretty enjoyable, but there were some shortcomings.

While I feel Abbott played a great character, I found that how dense he was towards the idea of Dracula or any of the other monsters even when Dracula was hiding right in front of him annoying. Also, this movie has pretty bad graphics when people were transforming, like when Dracula was transforming into a bat or the man into the Wolf man. One reason why I did like this movie though is the plot.

So the movie may have bad graphics and Abbott not noticing absolutely anything, but if you like older movies that are comedies and thrillers, this movie would be great for you. (Dylan Boehme)


“I saw what I saw when I saw it!” a common quote seen throughout the black-and-white film, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948). A fantastic film starring Chick (Bud Abbott) and Wilbur (Lou Costello) two hapless freight handlers who find themselves experiencing an encounter with Dracula (Bela Lugosi), Frankenstein’s monster (Glenn Strange), and a scientist who transforms into a destructive werewolf (Lawrence Talbot). Wilbur, the main character, has a very significant role in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948), in aspects of humor, romance, fear/ horror, suspense and cartoony violence. Wilbur has a true, positive presence in this film, with his hilarious, witty comments and his humorous first-hand encounter with the monsters (stated prior).

At the beginning of the film, the lives of Chick and Wilbur are turned upside down when a demanding Mr. McDougal (Frank Ferguson) requests for the package containing the remains of Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula from Europe to be used in the local house of horrors. To Chick and Wilbur’s surprise, when delivering the retrieved packages, Dracula awakens and escapes from his coffin with the weakened Frankenstein’s monster, who he plans to bring to life again with a new brain. However, Mr. Lon Chaney, a scientist who transforms into a destructive werewolf at the sight of a full moon, arrives from London in an attempt to bring an end to Dracula and his plan. Fortunately, Dracula’s reluctant aid is the beautiful Dr. Sandra Mornay, the object of Wilbur’s affection. Her reluctance is dispatched by Dracula’s bite causing Dracula and Sandra to abduct Wilbur for his brain and recharge the monster in preparation for the operation. Chick and Talbot attempt to find and free Wilbur, but when the full moon rises the Werewolf, Dracula, and Frankenstein’s monster all begin to run rampant. (Kaitlyn Gardner)


Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein is a very good film, as it combines comedic and somewhat adventurous aspects. Costello made the film very comedic, and was also not very smart. Costello’s lack of intelligence was what made the film very funny. Abbot was the very serious person who did not believe any of the stories were true. Costello was very terrified of Frankenstein and Dracula, and kept trying to tell Abbot that they were alive but Abbot did not believe him he thought that he had just heard too many stories. Costello and Abbott combined made the movie somewhat adventures as they explored the house of Dracula. For a movie of its time it was very well structured and was very good. So if you’re looking for an older film I would say Abbott & Costello meets Frankenstein is the perfect movie. (Dylan Musgrave)