Face-to-Face with Imhotep (Boris Karloff)

Boris Karloff as Imhotep in ‘The Mummy’

The mummy (Boris Karloff), the antagonist of the film The Mummy, is a very interesting character. He is the most memorable part of the film and brings mystery and excitement to the story, so do the other characters. The love story between Helen Grosvenor (Zita Johann) and Imhotep (Karloff) in the film is very dated and cheesy and so are some other aspects of the film. There is also a part of the film were they protect Helen and bring her to a large house and it drags a lot, it mostly lacks of excitement, good story, drama or anything really and could have been much better scene. The deaths of characters are not surprising and are seen coming but these things do not hurt the film too badly. The story of the film is very creative and I can understand why the film industry wants to remake this film and tell the story once again. If you’re looking for an action based film you find it here but things like sci-fi and mystery definitely are and mostly still holds up today. The acting how ever does not as much but is still an enjoyable movie. Rating: 8.5  (Drew Whipple)

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