A Youthful Look at ‘World of Tomorrow’


In the beginning, Emily is 4 years old and a stick person. It is very… very… very funny at the start…and throughout the entire film. The plot of it is that this 4 year old girl named Emily is visited by her third generation of herself… yeah I know… it is weird. Well anyway, when she is visited she is taken into the outernet instead of the internet. This is a place where it is perfectly peaceful and things can change color on command. After that she, the older Emily goes into a funny flashback that involves a relationship with a moon rock, gas pump and alien. This is little Emily’s future. Then after that she says that she has to take a memory from her so she can know what it is. This is a film for people who have a great sense of humor and don’t take things so seriously. In my opinion this is a great film that cheers you up and makes you laugh. You, whoever is reading this and likes the description, should definitely check it out. (Payton Sims)

* * *

World of Tomorrow is a short film about a four year old girl that is exposed to her future by her third generation clone. While watching the short film I realized how lonely, sad, and needy we can be. But would I want to be exposed to my future at age 4? Yes. This is because at that age we wouldn’t remember because our brain was developing a lot at that time and we wouldn’t remember. Our brain would keep that secret to itself. For example, Emily prime is told by Third generation Emily “One day, when you’re old enough, you will be impregnated with a perfect clone of yourself. You will later upload all your memories into this healthy new body. One day, long after that, you will repeat this process all over again. Through this cloning process, Emily, you will hope to live forever.” Emily Prime’s response is, “I had lunch today.” This is an example of why I would want to be told at the same age as Emily Prime. I would be undeveloped enough to remember. I would be happy knowing and not knowing that I know the future. (Joshua Benedict)

* * *

The film World of Tomorrow takes place with a small girl named Emily just being a child, which is being in awe of everything around you and randomly saying nonsense things. Then suddenly a huge mother board with futuristic technology appears. Emily of course randomly starts pushing buttons. Then a woman appears telling Emily she is the 3rd generation clone of her. The clone then tells Emily all sorts of things that are happening in the future, her memories and such. The older Emily tells young Emily that she needs a memory that she has forgotten, attracting that memory from Emily which the she forgets. So the question remains. Would you want to see the future knowing now what lies ahead? The horrors, the wonders, the mysteries, and the surprises. By traveling to the future you would no longer feels the surprises of what life has to bring. But of course Emily is only a toddler who only cares about if there are butterflies in the sky or not. So just think to yourself, would you travel to the future? (Margaret Staples)


World of Tomorrow is definitely one of my favorite short films. It is an animated short film by Don Hertzfeldt. I also thoroughly enjoyed one of his other films called It’s Such a Beautiful Day. This film is about seeing your own future and a 4 year old girl who was probably not old enough to understand what was going on. I really did enjoy its message and I hope that this director makes more films. (Sophia Johnson)


The short film, World of Tomorrow, was very confusing. I now have many questions that needs answers. It also makes me wonder something, would I like to know my future before it unfolds? My answer to this question is most likely no. The reason why I would choose no is because if I knew my future, that’s all I would be able to think about. I would also choose no because it won’t matter if I know. By this I mean that I wouldn’t be able to change my fate whether I knew what it actually was. But all questions aside, this was a great short film that really makes you question things in your life. (Conor Abate)


This was interesting because it didn’t really make sense. I don’t have much to really say. It was just weird. I can’t describe it just didn’t interest me at all so that’s all yeah. (James Anderson)


World Of Tomorrow is a short film about a girl who meets her past self as a little girl and shows her the future life she will one day live. There are a lot of creative ideas and characters in it. The film has some funny moments but also it can be funny when it is trying to be serious. Overall it’s very entertaining and delivers a good message. The animation isn’t that good, but it’s ok because it’s not supposed to be. I couldn’t say its a must see, but if you like sci-fi and cartoons I would recommend you check it out. (Rating: 7.5) [Drew Whipple]


Would you want to see your future?

No, I wouldn’t want to ruin my future because if you change one thing in the past your whole future changes. And I could go back to my old life and the whole world could be destroyed. (Caleb Barnes)

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