CEMS Spotlight Extra: Zootopia


Ahh! Disney has done it again with their movie Zootopia! I was expecting much from this movie as I went in to see it. First off there was great character development with our main character Judy Hopps and her partner Nick Wilde. So by what we know about the trailers is that animals are going savage and they don’t know why. We also know that our main character Judy Hopps is Zootopia’s first rabbit officer. She is then sent straight to parking duty. It is really nice to learn Judy’s backstory, but halfway through the movie we learn about Nick Wilde’s backstory and how heartbreaking and sad it is because no one would ever trust a fox (a predator).

My favorite thing is that the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat watching them drop hints at who did it or why. Then they do something that I would have never expected! They tie everything together all the way to the beginning to the movie and solve the case!

Another thing that makes this movie great is that they based it on how reality is based right now by how we are as a society. It notifies our obsession with our phones and how there’s an app for everything. Then they add in humor involving animals and cliché things that just make the movie great. But they secretly add in the racist problems with the predator and prey system. This symbolizes the difference between whites and blacks.

The only thing that disappointed me is that they didn’t put in a Lion King reference. So the final verdict is that this movie is a must see! I don’t care if animated movies are for kids! Animated movies aren’t just for kids go and watch it if you want and you should! (Josh Benedict)

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