Black Knight Decoded – April 13, 2016


I really liked the short film, Black Knight Decoded. In this short, there is a man who discovers a message sent from a satellite with unknown origins orbiting the Earth. A team of people around the world work to decode the message while a government organization tries to shut the movement down. I liked the film because it was interesting and I could follow it without it having to state the obvious, it just showed what was possible in the world (and beyond), and it showed that people all around the world could work together. (Abbie Rhodus)


My favorite short film between For The Record and Black Knight Decoded is probably Black Knight Decoded. I think Black Knight Decoded is better because it was more interesting than people battling through old records of music. It was about how people were supposed to show these aliens that they wanted their help to stay alive. All that For The Record had was this boy and girl picking different records to play for each other and are sort of like battling through them. They only talk at the end while Black Knight Decoded the people talk all throughout the short film. (Evelyn Pyramid)


I think that this sci-fi short was very intriguing and suspenseful. It had a foreshadowing of suspense, mystery, and danger.  The characters show many expressions in reaction to different situations. I liked how this short showed the way the different countries reacted to the decoding of the message. However, some parts of the short were very confusing. I think that more details in the beginning of this film would help back up certain situations.  I also think that the ending of the short was very suspenseful, leaving the viewer more. Overall, I think this was an interesting film that had few flaws. (Taylin Ware)


I loved this film for multiple reasons. Here are a few. The connections between the humans and aliens are fascinating. How the characters deal with the situation at hand is confusing yet intriguing. The mood of this film is very complex. The alien’s perspective of the humans is also very confusing. This film also has a very complex plot design that got me thinking of a lot of things like why the characters did what they did in this film. (Laci M.)


WHY DID BLACK KNIGHT DECODED HAVE TO END! This could easily be a movie. My only criticism is to add more about why the government was after them, and have the “special guests” say how this has happened before and how we said no, but they are giving them a second chance. I liked it in how the anticipation when the cops/military came into their house. I also love the touch on how you actually made the website of the recording. The suspense. The anticipation. I hate it. I love it! THIS IS AWESOME! Why the cliché approach?  Also why not use a different approach like a dimensional thing (well that is cliché to.)? (MayKayla Munday)


What I liked about this video is that they didn’t put too much about the situation in the video. They gave just the right amount of information. I like how they showed all the people with different signs showing that they were ready. I don’t think the NSA didn’t have to take the website down. They could have warned him before they did that. I like how they have the men and women holding hands they made me think it would have a good end but that was just a part. The ending was horrible because I would have liked to see the people on the screen instead of just seeing them look at them. (Taliah Baker)


Before we start this short is NOT science fiction. So, in this short there’s a hacker and he has a daughter and they have a satellite and they listen to the `universe. It is a very unrealistic that they got chased by the NSA and they figured out secrets about the alien. I would have given this a B+, but I will not because of the cliffhanger that won’t ever be seen. Overall this was pretty good. I liked it so yes I would recommend it. (Jackson McDonald)


Watching Black Knight Decoded needs to go on your bucket list! This short is suspenseful and immediately draws you in with twists and turns, leaving you falling out of your seat. After watching this you will begin to question the people you know and reality itself. Is there a world beyond ours, creatures unlike us? Do they want to be your friends? This short was fabulously constructed, this is a must watch! Maybe even reality.  (Yasmeen Porter)


Black Night Decoded was an intriguing short, that showed character growth through the ups and down of tracking other life forms. This short is a glimpse through the eyes of a computer hacker, and his life tracking aliens with his daughter. The NSA is the National Security Administration and they do not like the website the hacker has created. This causes many problems within the family. The cliffhanger ending leaves you with many questions. But, I still found this as a great source of entertainment. (Morgan White)











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