For the Record – April 13, 2016


I like this short film because I like the way they (the lead male and female characters) use records to talk to each other. The short film was somewhat confusing in some parts because you can’t understand some of the lyrics. The guy and girl in this short film are communicating using records and they are trying to ask each other out. The music is very old and I have no idea what some of the songs are. The songs do describe the answers to the questions in the other songs. (Zoe Stroh)


I liked this short film because it had an interesting way of showing the plot of the story. It was about a couple who used records to communicate to each other. I thought it was quite funny at some points and it was an enjoyable film. I felt like it made me feel more connected to music for communication. I very much enjoyed it!:) [Grade: B+] (Anika Vockell)




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