I myself am more of a factual person, so personally I can’t necessarily say I liked it (The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance Parts I & II). It kinda sorta references the Bible – a few words are changed for reasons I do not fully understand. For example, they said, “Man made light,” instead of “God made light.” But there is this character B166ER that is a robot and kills his owner/human/master/buyer. This is a reference to an African American character (from Richard Wright’s Native Son) whose name was Bigger Thomas who got tired of being treated as an inanimate object and was sentenced to death.

I would recommend this series of films to people who like the Matrix movies and anime. Not to people who like factual and semi-reasonable films. My personal judgement is I do not like it, at all, but that is because I am a factual person. (Payton Sims)

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