– The Escape (Caleb Daley)


The Escape is  2016 short film made by BMW films and this is a new series of films after their 8 short films called The Hire in 2001. It has been fifteen years since then; does the movie hold up or does it get run over by the originals?

Well, this movie is really fun and nice to watch. The plot is hard to follow, but what I pieced together is a cloning company is getting invaded by police. They save one of their creations number 5 (Dakota Fanning) and bring it on their mission to escape before police capture them. She is placed in the car with Holt (Jon Bernthal) and the driver (Clive Owen) and they go off with help from two armored cars full of soldiers.

After they drive away, police notice and it starts a chase. Eventually Holt becomes mean towards number 5 when she reveals her real name Lily. Holt snaps on her and the driver decides to leave the group. When Holt pulls a gun on him and counts down to him either stopping or being killed, the driver swerves and the bullet goes out the windshield and the driver gets the gun and kicks out Holt.

That is all I am going to give you because you need to watch this for yourself. It is only thirteen minutes long.

Now let’s talk about the actor’s performances. The Best Performance of the Short Film was Dakota Fanning as Number 5/Lily  even though with her few words we get so much character out of her. Lily/number 5 is a human clone who is very afraid and traumatized but really smart. Also what I liked is how they got Clive Owen back as the driver. The director did a great job with his cinematography and the way the movie came out with its effect were nice so overall a 5/5 for me. – The Escape (Jackson LaCroix)


This film worked for me because there was a lot of action and tons of different angles and had such a good story. From the beginning, the story was like here’s the information and they didn’t give you enough time to let you soak it in. Then by the end, I kind of got the majority of the story. The driver really reminded me of James Bond. He did because he sort of looks like him and they both do tons of action. – The Escape (Roz Towns)


The Escape seemed more like an actual adventure-action movie than a brand’s short-film. It gave me a James Bond-Spy-ish vibe. The actors they picked out seemed like a good choice, and attributed their character, but I thought they could have done a better job of putting more emotion into their characters. For instance, Jon Bernthal could have acted more mean, and in a rush, Dakota Fanning could have acted more scared and more like her character, but Clive Owen did a pretty good job. In the short film there could have been more dialogue. I felt like the characters didn’t talk much. I guess they didn’t put much dialogue, so the watcher would pay more attention to the stunts and action.

Speaking of the stunts/action part, the stunts and action was amazing, but some of it seemed unrealistic. Like, when Jon attached the grappling hook to the car, and Clive started to reverse and pulled the airplane down. That can’t happen unless the rope was strong and durable. Also, when Jon was trying to shoot Clive’s car, they could have speed that part up, it seemed to drag on.

This short film, compared to a movie like X-Men, with significant amount of action and stunts also, did well. Like I said in the beginning, this short film reminded me of more like an actual movie. Compared any other action/adventure movie in the genre, it’s high up there. I definitely wasn’t expecting this level of visual excellence, coming from a short film from a car company! So, the BMW short film of The Escape did well in my opinion. – The Escape (Josh Benedict)


The Escape is a short film by BMW films. It is an anniversary to their previous films to model their cars. But this isn’t one big predictable advertisement. It has a story with a plot and interesting characters. The main character is a paid driver for dangerous missions.

The story and setting of it (in my opinion) was great and entertaining! You feel vibes from things like Mission Impossible, James Bond, and Limitless. The James Bond element of secrecy and action gives you feelings of suspense. The Limitless factor has the futuristic element with the plot revolving around the last human clone.

As the story continues the suspense builds wondering what will happen to the clone and everybody around her. You also start to wonder about the clone’s backstory as she mumbles to herself words and their definitions. You wonder what the private company did and how they treated her. You think that they treated her like a monster that has no human emotions and should not show them if she does.

The story just keeps you wanting more. That is what a good movie/short film does. It keeps you thinking about it for weeks to years. – The Escape (Haley Rothfuss)


The Escape was a commercial trying to sell a car, but had a backstory to it. I think that it was good, especially the backstory. It had a heartfelt back story to the car-selling, which I really liked. This reminded me of American Sniper, which had a heartfelt story also. Plus it reminded me of American Sniper because the bad guy (Jon Bernthal) was a sniper. – The Escape (Brooklyn Hollis)


The Escape is an amazing short film. I like this short film because I enjoy action packed movies and this definitely filled the bar! It had action yet it had story. I enjoyed that the girl, Lilly, had a big part in the film also. She kept saying different things very academically and at one point changed the mind of the driver to not kill the, per say, villain. I enjoy that the director makes the story unfold and you understand it by the end. I like the actors; they were fantastic in this. The best part of the film was when the “villain” screamed at the driver and girl. This film reminds me of the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. In both movies here is a lot of action and drama. I did not like that it was difficult to understand the beginning of it. It was quite confusing and I still do not understand who some of the characters were, but overall it was a great film. – The Escape (Julia Reichl)


The BMW ad, The Escape, was directed very well. Considering that I haven’t watched any of the previous films, I understood the backstory very well without them directly explaining it. After watching this, I would probably consider buying a BMW, if I could buy a car. The ad showed how fast, how safe, and how precise the car is. The action scenes in this film reminded me of some of the James Bond movies, especially because one of the previous James Bonds was in the film. Clive Owen has the ability to stay calm in the face of danger, which is a very good acting trait to have in action movies.