– The Escape (Josh Benedict)


The Escape is a short film by BMW films. It is an anniversary to their previous films to model their cars. But this isn’t one big predictable advertisement. It has a story with a plot and interesting characters. The main character is a paid driver for dangerous missions.

The story and setting of it (in my opinion) was great and entertaining! You feel vibes from things like Mission Impossible, James Bond, and Limitless. The James Bond element of secrecy and action gives you feelings of suspense. The Limitless factor has the futuristic element with the plot revolving around the last human clone.

As the story continues the suspense builds wondering what will happen to the clone and everybody around her. You also start to wonder about the clone’s backstory as she mumbles to herself words and their definitions. You wonder what the private company did and how they treated her. You think that they treated her like a monster that has no human emotions and should not show them if she does.

The story just keeps you wanting more. That is what a good movie/short film does. It keeps you thinking about it for weeks to years.

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