– The Escape (Roz Towns)


The Escape seemed more like an actual adventure-action movie than a brand’s short-film. It gave me a James Bond-Spy-ish vibe. The actors they picked out seemed like a good choice, and attributed their character, but I thought they could have done a better job of putting more emotion into their characters. For instance, Jon Bernthal could have acted more mean, and in a rush, Dakota Fanning could have acted more scared and more like her character, but Clive Owen did a pretty good job. In the short film there could have been more dialogue. I felt like the characters didn’t talk much. I guess they didn’t put much dialogue, so the watcher would pay more attention to the stunts and action.

Speaking of the stunts/action part, the stunts and action was amazing, but some of it seemed unrealistic. Like, when Jon attached the grappling hook to the car, and Clive started to reverse and pulled the airplane down. That can’t happen unless the rope was strong and durable. Also, when Jon was trying to shoot Clive’s car, they could have speed that part up, it seemed to drag on.

This short film, compared to a movie like X-Men, with significant amount of action and stunts also, did well. Like I said in the beginning, this short film reminded me of more like an actual movie. Compared any other action/adventure movie in the genre, it’s high up there. I definitely wasn’t expecting this level of visual excellence, coming from a short film from a car company! So, the BMW short film of The Escape did well in my opinion.

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