Why Are There So Many Five Person Teams?: Caleb Daley


When you look in the media, you begin to see a lot of things such as 5 people teams. In television, you have Scooby Doo, Voltron, G-Force, and Power Rangers. In comics, we have The Avengers and The Justice League. In music, most boy bands consist of five people such as N-Sync, One Direction, Fall Out Boy. But what is the reason for this? You could say that with more members, you can say it (the group) has more power, but I think there is a better reason for this.

Honestly what makes up a team, the answer is honesty and trust. Plus, most teams are a family. Think about it. Voltron, the team stays together and flies together. Power Rangers must be able to trust each other to work together. For goodness sakes, the Scooby Doo gang live together in a van.

But see, the number 5 does not mean a thing. I think five is just a popular number. Look at it, like when shows use teams what are they trying to teach kids? Teamwork and teamwork isn’t just five people in a group. Teamwork is between any number.

Teamwork is everywhere in kids programming because you will have to use that skill throughout your life. You are going to have to use it in work and what makes up a marriage? Teamwork. They have been pushing this message into our brains since preschool. I mean think about it; not only does teamwork factor in shows like Scooby Doo and Voltron, it is in relationships such as Batman and Robin from Batman comics and the cartoon series. Honestly, I think five is just a number and the true message in these shows are teams are Family and they require Trust, Honesty and Reliability.

So that’s my take on this situation and thank you for reading.

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