‘A Shadow of Blue’ – Olivia Ruschman


The reason I chose “A Shadow of Blue” (as my favorite short by Carlos Lascano) is because it was fun to write about and I had the most on it. The music on this short film was amazing and calming and this actually reminds me of a book called “Me Before You” and both of these are kinda alike. Anyways, this short film was about a girl who couldn’t walk and she was happy because she saw butterflies, but then they flew away so she made her own butterfly, but it blew away. She was daydreaming of a shadow that was being chased by a crow and she scared it away and a person came out to the little girl and put her in a wheelchair and she found out she could make butterflies and watched the one she made fly away… I really loved that short film and I can’t wait to !watch more!

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