‘Gotham’ clip – (Haley Rothfuss)


My clip is a scene from my favorite show Gotham.

In this scene, Jerome Valeska (criminal aka The Joker) and his team have gotten new weapons for their rain of terror in Gotham. Jerome and one of his teammates, Greenwood, argue about who the ‘boss’ is of the group. The person who broke them out of Arkham Asylum comes in the room and tells Jerome and Greenwood to play Russian Roulette. Then the clip works up from there.

I like this clip so much because it just shows how crazy Jerome, or the Joker, really is.

What makes it special for me is that I am overly obsessed with DC superheroes and The Joker and the actor just played the Joker very good.

Other people should like it because it’s very unique and crazy.


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