In The Reptile Room – (Brooklyn Hollis)


My video is the song In The Reptile Room. This is shown in the audio book The Series of Unfortunate Events. It is by the Gothic Archies. The Gothic Archies are a self-described goth-bubblegum band created and largely performed by Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields. I picked this clip because when I was very little, my mother had rented audio books from the local library. This was a big part of our lives. My brother and I always looked forward to listening to these. We had listened to every single one except the very last one. My mother’s, brother’s, and my favorite was The Reptile Room. This was the second book. We used to sing this song over and over again. This is very important to both my brother and I. These books took us to a different planet. Everyone always has difficult part of their lives, but this let us imagine something different. It is also very important to me because it reflects on what I really enjoy. It is more steampunk, I feel, and I just really enjoy it. This story was very meticulous and thought out. Book Two was an extremely sad one. Most likely, the most depressing. We thought it was very well told. We can just connect with this song very much. It is very important to me.

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