Ugly The Cat (Caleb Daly)

Ugly The Cat is a Feelspasta by CreepsMcPasta and is about a stray cat who is hated by the people who live in the apartment complex where he stays. When he is repeatedly abused by the neighbors, he responds in the same way, by showing love. One day when he shows his love to two apartment Huskies, he is badly hurt. A resident runs to his aid and he sees Ugly badly injured and scoops him up knowing Ugly only has minutes left.

He responds by suckling on the man’s ear and bumping his head on the man’s head and purring and that is when the man realizes that even with this Cat suffering and on the verge of death he still wants love. The message of this story is you never know someone or something and you must show kindness to them because you never know what you might get back.

Now why do I love this video? Well, first I love the message of this story and second the way it is written is nice and short and gets right to the point and the narration is great. This is special for me, because to this day I use this message for everything. I do not judge people unless I know them and even then I am not mean to them unless they are mean to me and everything I do I do knowing that I could die that next moment. So yeah this is one of my favorite YouTube videos.



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