My Favorite (Anime) of the Year – Josh Benedict


My favorite anime of the year was Re:Zero. It is a horror adventure show where our protagonist gets sucked into a fantasy world. The protagonist soon discovers he isn’t the magical hero of the world he wanted to be, so he accidentally gets dragged into a (sorta) adventure. He dies within a day of this adventure. BUT he “respawns” in front of a merchant he visited earlier. He continues on this adventure dying over and over, like in a video game. Throughout his continuous dying and respawning, you get to see the horrors of the world and how easy it can be to die.

Throughout this story, our protagonist breaks down mentally and physically. You see his confusion over people not remembering what happened in his previous life. You’re always wondering where the danger is gonna come from and what is going to happen next. Our protagonist keeps trying over and over and once he finally figures it all out it is a big relief on how it all came together.

Sadly, Re:Zero didn’t win anime of the year. The anime Yuri On Ice won. Because gay ice skaters = automatic best anime of the year, no questions asked.

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