The Daley Awards – Caleb Daley

TJ Miller and Jason Bateman in ‘Office Christmas Party’

My favorite movie of 2016 was Office Christmas Party. This movie is a guilty pleasure of mine, with people hate on it, calling it raunchy and stupid. Honestly, I liked this movie because to see people like Jennifer Aniston call a child a “@#!$%” is hilarious.

Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston) leads a big tech company and is going to shut down a branch run by her party hard brother Clay Vanstone (T.J Miller) because of years of underperformance. When he and his two employees Josh Parker (Jason Bateman) and Tracey Hughes (Olivia Miller) object, they attempt to make a big deal with Walter Davis (Courtney B Davis) to save their branch. Carol Vanstone agrees and gives them 24 hours to make the deal.

So after a meeting with Walter Davis who doesn’t want to work with them because of morality, Clay Vanstone throws a christmas party much to the displeasure of his sister. When the party spins out of hand and Clay gets taken by a pimp, the team races to save him.

Yeah, there are things I left out because you have to see this movie. It is funny and with solid performances by the actors. That makes Office Christmas Party my favorite of 2016.

Yet, the best movie, in my opinion, of 2016 was Deadpool.

Holy crap, could I not wait for this movie to come out and when it did and I saw it. I loved it instantly. The reason this isn’t my favorite is because I didn’t want to put the same movie in twice.

First of all, Ryan Reynolds was hilarious. Most of Deadpool’s funniest lines were improvised by Reynolds himself. Second, the story was great. There isn’t a clear beginning, middle and end, but that is what makes the story thrive. It just moves along with the flashbacks, but then comes back to the present to move it forward, so the ending is not long away. Also the cinematography is nice. The highway scene is nicely shot and is hilarious.

Of course, the movie that is going to win big at the Oscars is La La Land. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows that this movie is going to win big because of two reasons.

  1. Money and 2. Critical praise

Plus, everyone loves this movie. With the Academy Awards, they don’t watch; they just pick a movie that everyone loves and give it the most awards. It is so simple that no one sees the formula. Just watch the Oscars and tell me I’m wrong.

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