The Space Between Us – Margo Shappie


Not even the endless, desolate, and empty wasteland of space can keep young lovers apart. Though thousands of miles away, Tulsa and Gardner won’t let that stop them from meeting each other in person.

Gardner was born on Mars, with no communication to anyone besides his fellow astronauts, and lives in a scientist’s world.  Tulsa is your average teenager who meets Gardner online. When Gardener tells her about everything he’s never known, like his life on Mars, Tulsa laughs, but doesn’t think it’s the truth. They still immediately hit it off. As Gardner learns more and more about Tulsa and Earth, he decides he has to go to this new land. Together they start to discover what life means, and what they should live for.

Tulsa is my favorite character, because I love her quick thinking and musical ability. I love her voice, and her piano skills. She is determined to get Garder where he wants to go, and uses trickery, and her mind, to succeed. Her sarcasm always makes me laugh. Overall, I love the characters and idea of this movie.

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