The Space Between Us – Robin Sinclair


The Space Between Us, starring Asa Butterfield and Britt Robertson, was about Gardner, a boy who was born on Mars and whose mother had gone to space and passed during childbirth. Gardner grew up with 15 people in his life and his social skills aren’t the best.

He grows up living on Mars and connects with a girl,Tulsa, from Earth. His goal is to go to Earth and meet her and find his dad. He has lots of bone surgery, so he can survive on Earth. Tulsa is a foster child and has traveled to multiple different foster homes.

He travels to Earth and gets the help from Tulsa to find his father. Gardner and Tulsa travel around and come across what the man assumed to be his father. Depressed, Gardner falls to the ocean, gets sick, and has to go to high altitude to have no gravity, so he can survive. I enjoyed watching it because of the romance, humour, and I also thought it was very intriguing.

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