Best & Favorite Oscar Shorts – Jackson Prus

Academy Award-winning Animated Short – ‘Piper’


I think the best short film that we saw was Piper because it had a plot that wasn’t super deep or heavy with symbolism, but it still told the story well enough. I thought it had perfect balance of depth and vagueness. Also, I really thought the animation quality of the film was beautiful, including the sand and water. Lastly, I loved the birds; they were so cute and I loved how the main bird’s personality grew in just a few minutes. That’s why I thought Piper was the best film overall.


My favorite short film was Blind Vaysha. When it first started, I didn’t really think I would like it, but I loved it. The animation wasn’t the best, but it was still beautiful. I really loved the concept how she could see, but she still couldn’t see what was actually happening in the present, only the future and past. I also felt bad/ sad for Vaysha in only the few minutes I had met or seen her. That’s why Blind Vaysha was my favorite short film.

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