My Best & Favorite Oscar Shorts – Maya Sundararajan

Academy Award-nominated Animation Short – ‘Pearl’


I think the best short film was Piper, because people were intrigued by the adorable little birdie. I think the animation was the most impressive, because it was made by Pixar. One reason this wasn’t my personal favorite was because I thought the plot didn’t have much symbolism and was kind of vague. I also didn’t like that the plot didn’t have much of a reason, I get that the bird learned to catch food, but that felt kind of pointless to me.


My favorite was Pearl, although I personally think that Piper had better animation, but I preferred the storyline of Pearl and how it followed the relationship of a father and daughter throughout the years. I also enjoyed that that it didn’t just show the happy times, it also showed some of the hard times. Overall, Pearl was my favorite short film.

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