Oscar Shorts – Margo Shappie

The Academy Award-winning Live Action Short – ‘Sing’

The Line Between Best Or Favorite

After watching 6 shorts, I had to make a tough decision. Pick the best and then, my favorite. The reason this is challenging is because all of them are wonderful in their own way. I finally decided that to figure out the best, I needed to know what makes a short “The Best.”  I learned that to different people, different things make a film “The Best.” I chose Sing as the best because it had great acting, an interesting plot, and fascinating characters. It tells the story of standing up to people who use fear as power. My favorite film was also Sing. I loved it because of how much I love music. I liked seeing the creativity of the creators. Overall, this film just spoke to me. All the films were great, and it was hard to chose the best, and my favorite.

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