‘My Life as a Zucchini’ – Margo Shappie


I liked My Life as Zucchini better than Zootopia. I like the style and story, more than Zootopia. Because of this reason, I was surprised that Zootopia won the Academy Award for best animated feature. In my opinion, My Life as Zucchini should’ve won. The story for Zootopia was really interesting, but I have already seen talking animals in other Disney movies. My Life as Zucchini told a unique story, and was made with claymation.  It was very touching and made you feel a variety of different emotions. Zootopia was very cute, but I didn’t really get the same deeper meaning that I got from My Life as Zucchini. Overall both movies are very interesting, but I prefer My Life As Zucchini.

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