‘Beauty and the Beast’ – Josh Benedict


Beauty and the Beast was an animated film released in 1991 by Disney. As of March 2017, there is now a live-action version of the ‘classic’ movie. A majority of people say it is an amazing movie and a few say it isn’t as good as people say it is. Why might it not be as good as people say?

Well, it may have to do with the fact that it is live-action and not animated. Animation gives the illusion of reality, but not fully allowing it to get away with not so realistic things. But with live-action, it seems a lot more like reality, so there is a lot less leeway. And the live-action goes out a lot more than that leeway allows.

Keep in mind that the movie takes place in medieval France. And I am 99.999% sure that there were not free blacks, and gay people (at all) during that time. But Disney probably made the decision to add these in so people wouldn’t get mad and claim that Disney is racist or homophobic. But this decision took out the illusion of medieval France. But hey, we are talking candles and a giant hairy beast in the movie, so what can we really say about ‘the illusion of reality.’

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