‘Teen Titans’ Adaptation – Izaak Stehlin


If they made Teen Titans movie, it would have to open with the theme song and instead of the characters being animated, the actors would have to keep the same character personalities.

  • Cyborg: always hungry, best friends with Robin, smart but not with the best common sense in the group
  • Raven: calculating, cold, demonic (obviously)
  • Beast Boy: the comic relief, the “ladies man”, not serious, does whatever he wants when not given orders
  • Starfire: likes Robin, not much knowledge of Earth culture, likes to learn, very nice only fights when she has to and even apologizes sometimes when fighting an opponent
  • Robin: obviously the leader of The Titans, smart, to the point, gives all the orders, has feeling for Starfire but doesn’t want to show that weakness

They need to have the same costumes and the same catchphrases like “Teen Titans Go” “Azarath… Metrion… ZINTHOS.”

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