Why Reboots Suck? – Caleb Daly


Movies based on established properties are bad, no doubt about it. Why are they bad, well that’s hard to understand. The biggest problem is that the film companies lose what made the original great. I mean look at The Cat in the Hat, a Dr. Seuss book brought to the big screen. The movie was horrible and bombed badly at the box office. This one movie ended the Universal Studios plan of starting a live-action Dr. Seuss juggernaut.

This movie lost what made the original so great. It tried to change and make the story better by adding pop culture references that would be dated in 5 years. Those now dated pop culture references turn a simple story with a inventive moral into a complicated mess that’s not worth watching. Also, Mike Myers as The Cat was a bad casting choice. 

We also have remakes, which are most of the time are horrible. If you want an example of this, look at Dragonball Evolution. This movie is bad, and again the reasons are because they lost everything the original did. They added teenage romances, really bad plot points and things that were not in the source material. Another property with a bad translation to film was The Smurfs. Oh god, was this a horrible movie. Despite how massive of a hit it was, this was a horrible film.

First off, they do nothing from the original tv show. They spend time in the village until they go to New York City. Then everything gets screwed up from there, crappy jokes dated references and they do nothing that even resembles the original TV show. That’s my problem with it; all it has from the original is Gargamel and The Smurfs, and even then The Smurfs did look good originally, but now the CGI looks horrible.

Are all reboots and properties translated to films bad? No, there are some good ones. First let’s address Disney and their reboots. Ever since Maleficent in 2014, Disney has been on a roll. Their live-action remakes of their old animated properties have been hits. Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon have been great films, and because of the success, Disney is now planning on a massive live-action remake project.

Another movie nobody talks about is Rocky and Bullwinkle. The movie was considered horrible when it came out. But when looking back on the original show, the movie captured what the original was. A show full of mixed jokes, some making us laugh, some making us groan. And that’s what the original has, honestly this movie is alright. So are reboots bad or good, i’m gonna say no.

Sorry but the bad outweighs the good. All the bad movies kill the small glimmers of hope made by the good. Thank you for reading and good night.

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