‘Beauty and the Beast’ Perspective – Margo Shappie


In a french countryside

a young teenager named Margo

lived with her father.

A self centered 16 year old boy

has a crush on the lady Margo.

She loved books and art,

but everyone in the village

thought she was quite strange.

Gaston, the boy, had many admirers,

but wanted the fairest girl of all,

who happened to be Margo.

She constantly ignored Gaston,

but he kept at it.

When Margo’s father was captured,

she ran off to save him.

She found her father in an enchanted castle

guarded by a vicious beast.

He promised to release her father

in exchange for Margo’s freedom.

Her father went home,

and Margo remained locked away in the castle.

Gaston went to look for Margo,

but couldn’t find her. Meanwhile,

while Margo was in the castle

she met an enchanted candelabra and an enchanted clock.

They were named Lumiere and Cogsworth.

Lumiere was very nice to Margo,

and insisted they should go on a date

when he became human. Margo agreed,

and decided to talk to the enchantress who created the curse.

Gaston fell in love with one of the other country girls,

because he was sure Margo was gone forever.

The enchantress decided that since Margo could love someone under her curse,

the curse should be lifted.

The beast, now a prince, ruled the small town,

Margo and Lumiere were married,

and the curse was broken. Everyone lived happily ever after!

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