‘Boss Baby’ Perspective – Joanna Lin



Hazzy Gregan, sister of Cindy Gregan,  eldest child of Mary and William Gregan. As Cindy grew older, I became more and more beat up (emotionally), never was my parents’ attention on me. It was always “Cindy, let’s go and celebrate for your straight A’s this whole quarter!”  or “Cindy, wanna come with me to the store?” and stuff revolving around the great Cindy Gregan child of every parent’s dreams. Unfortunately my parents dream too. As I got to the last college where I needed the internship for graduation, I applied for many companies and eventually I got to puppy corps which I thought would never accept me like the other companies, but the the CEO Francis France was very young, about 2 years out of college. It was a fairly small company. My sister, who got out of college 2 years earlier, quit her formal job and applied too, of course, but I got the best position so far – CEO assistant and my sister got one of the researcher positions! Well, the first time I got something my sister didn’t. ME, I GOT IT! I got my first taste of success and it felt the best, no wonder my sister likes it. I came here an intern for 3 months and it was stressful. Francis was very uptight about success and after I graduated college Puppy Corps was way better so, I reapplied to assistant of CEO and got in after my knowledge and multiple online course experience. I made Puppy Corps take it’s first step to success and my parents started to notice me. I wanted it to never stop. I was basically ½  of the CEO and I got the feeling of power by then. Puppy was the 10th best puppy company and rising past all the others in rocket speed. I guess by then Baby Corps noticed me and one day after a stressful meeting, I came home to babies in my apartment 5 hazmat-suited and 1 very well dressed and suited, serious  looking baby. They came and erased my memory or they thought they did and gave me brand new memories, which I had with my old memories. They tried to transfer me to Baby Corps, but I was smart and remembered I was a member of Puppy Corps, so I did wonderful things and helped them while spying on them. A double spy as you can see, but taking small baby’s revenge on my family. My love/hate relationship with Baby Corps was confusing, but I guess I loved Baby Corps more and I stopped connecting to Francis and now I am retired. I will take Baby Corps secret with me forever.

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