‘Limitless’ Character – Josh Benedict


In 2016, CBS aired a show called Limitless based on the movie of the same name. This show revolved around Brian Finch (we will get back to him later) who is having problems starting life after high school and is living with his parents. He starts a job where he gets a weird pill that helps him get superhuman memory recollection. He then gets in trouble with the FBI and the plot continues.

Now while he is on this pill (NZT-48) he remembers everything in his life. The back of a magazine you swatted a fly with? You remember what was on that page. What book someone was reading in a car passing by you? You can recall what they were reading. Weren’t paying attention to what someone was saying, it’s there. I really like Brian as a character because he is clever and a big nerd during the show that can come up with clever ways to do thing. Like in one episode NZT Brian leaves a message for Non NZT Brian on what not to do. “Death by giant boot is not…an actual way to die in supermax prison, but you get the idea.”


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