Coco Scene – Madison Childress


In the movie “Coco,” there are many scenes. One that I like is when a little boy named Miguel in now in the land of the dead. At the beginning, he wants to play music, but his family hates it. They think it is a curse because Miguel’s  great-great-grandfather was a music person and he wanted to play his great-great-grandfather’s guitar. During the day of the dead, Miguel thought that he saw his great great grandfather’s grave and saw that there was a guitar in it. He wanted to play it. When he strung it, the guitar took him to death. Miguel tried to get out of this world but know one could see him. He saw this bridge. When he walked across the bridge he saw the next world. This world was full of all sorts of different colors. This area had a whole lot of dead people walking around. This was one of my favorite scene in the Disney movie “Coco.”

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