Coco Scenes – Kasey Fannin


The scene in the movie “Coco” when Miguel’s great-grandma opens her eyes and starts singing is important to me. In this scene, Miguel’s great-grandma, Coco, opens her eyes and starts singing to the song that her dad sang to her as a child. This is a very important event that occurs in the movie because it reminds you that your family memories will always be with you. In my personal life, I have family that miss a lot and I think that scene references to that. This scene is definitely one of the most emotional scenes in the movie, especially if you relate it to your personal feelings. 


I also liked the first time Miguel travels to the land of the dead. He does this by strumming the strings of his great great grandfather’s guitar. Now he has to get back to the real world before sunrise, or else he turns into a skeleton. The only way to get back to the real world is to get a relative’s blessing. In one scene Miguel’s great-great-grandfather (whom is a famous musician) is about to give Miguel his blessing, but then there is a major plot twist that will blow you away! I like this scene because plot twists are very fun, thinking that you have the story planned out then the entire story changes is crazy. I loved this movie because it made me laugh out loud, and cry my eyes out. I think that if a movie can do that it is worth watching.

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