Short Take: Emily Wolf’s Alien Hand

I woke up.  The beeping of the hospital machines startled me.  I couldn’t feel my right hand.  The doctor walks in.

“You’re up.  Well, we need to tell you something.” he told me.

“Well, what’s wrong?” I ask.  Wait.  Hold on a second.  My voice was really deep and weird-sounding.  This isn’t right.  I start freaking out.

“Your surgery went really well.  But, as a consequence, you now have alien hand syndrome.” the doctor reported.  Just as he said that, my right hand literally flew and smacked him in the face.  I stare, horrified, unable to move.  Then, the hand flies back to me and starts pulling my jacket down.  It pulls the covers off the bed and starts tugging at my socks.  I try to reach forward and grab it, but it runs away just as I get there.

“Arrrrrg!”  I yell.  My hand comes zooming back to me and slaps me in the face.

“Hurry Rose!  Grab the hand!  You must keep it under control!”  the doctor yells.

“I-I can’t!  It’s too fast!” I scream back frantically.  I grab it, and it slows down.  

After a few days, the doctor releases me from the hospital and the hand follows me.  It made itself a little bed next to mine.  I have tried to shake it off me, but it seems like it is so attached to me it will never leave me.  This syndrome has changed my life.  Forever.

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