Short Take: Kennedy Barbiea’s Alien Hand

A girl at the age of 11 sat down in a chair, and it broke. One of the pieces gave her an enormous cut on her forehead. She was rushed to the E.R and had brain surgery. As the surgery went on the doctors messed with parts of the brain that they shouldn’t have, and so when the girl, Kennedy, woke up her hand immediately started to walk up onto her head and start brushing her hair with the fingers. The hand soon enough stopped and Kennedy’s mother told her to stay calm, its just Alien Hand Syndrome.

Kennedy went home that day in the car and her hand kept trying to grab the car’s steering wheel as her mom was driving, and it would try to open the car door. When Kennedy got home her father asked her if she was okay with the hand, and she said it seems as if it’s trying to help me. It was probably trying to stop the car because it was polluting earth, and when she said that her dad pulled out a cigarette and when he tried to light the cigarette the hand bolted at the cigarette and smacked it right out of his hand.

Kennedy went to school the next day and some random boy made fun of her. The hand immediately threw a punch at the boy and the funny thing is Kennedy was never picked on again. Kennedy had her birthday on May 5th and when she was given a big cake, the hand immediately started grabbing pieces of cake and throwing it in her mouth and when Kennedy was full the hand threw the cake at her friends. Kennedy has lived an amazing life and is still throwing cake at every party even if its not her party.

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