Short Take: Landen Lause’s Alien Hand

If I had an alien arm, it would do it’s best to keep me from doing a lot of things. It would probably slap me in the face every time I cursed or pinch the inside of my thigh every time I told a lie. Lemme just say, I’d have a permanent red mark on my face, and I know that once I told one lie with my alien arm, there would not be too many to come. My alien arm would do it’s best to keep me safe if I ever fell into a fight, and it would make sure I never fell under the peer pressure of other kids and make the mistakes that could screw up my whole life. I would hope my alien arm would want the very best for me in everything I did in life. Hopefully my alien arm would help me fix a lot of things about myself, like maybe it would find a quick way of punishing me every time I tried to listen to music that is inappropriate or explicit. If my arm helped me to better myself and promise never to leave my side. Lol. I made a joke. Anyway, like a brother in arms would… Look at me! I did it again!

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