Short Take: Maya Steht’s Alien Hand

One day I wake up in the hospital. The hospital equipment beeped and it startled me. I couldn’t move my left hand. The surgeon walks in.

“Hey you’re up. How do you feel?” she said.

“I feel fine. Wait hold on my voice is weird what happened to my voice?” I said.

“We need to tell you something about  your left hand.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Since after your surgery you have gotten alien hand syndrome.”

“What’s that?”

“Look it is what your hand is doing now. It is when your hand does something and you don’t even notice that your left hand is even doing something but it actually is doing something when you don’t notice it happening.”

“Do I permanently have Alien Hand Syndrome?”

“No you don’t,” She said, “ If you want to get rid of it then you can get surgery on your brain to split it into two.”

“OK.” I said.

I head home and it felt like the hand was just controlling my life because it stopped me from doing stuff that I am not supposed to do which I kinda liked that because if I were supposed to not do something then it would stop me from doing something that my parents wouldn’t want me to do while growing up. Eventually I decided to not get the surgery because if they do one small step wrong then it could end my life and I still want to see my friend’s and see my family too. But if I don’t get the surgery then my hand could also choke me and kill me too. So I decided to get the surgery.

I wake up again in the hospital startled by the beeping again and figure out that my voice is back again and that my hand is back again.

“I can control my left hand again.”

“Yup and your voice is back again too.”

The End

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