Arcade Fire: ‘Afterlife’



Afterlife, a short film on YouTube by Arcade Fire, is about a family that is having some kind of trouble it seems like. The family consists of a father, an older son, and a younger son. The father asks them a lot of questions like, “Did he do his homework?” I think the father asks questions like that because he is worried about his kids and how they are living now. The father and youngest son are both in bed having these crazy dreams. The young boy had a nightmare, as for the father, a nice, sweet, and peaceful dream. The younger boy snuck out to go to a party though. The older boy fell asleep on the bus on his way home and had a dream. His dream was a little different. I don’t know about you, but I can’t really find words to describe it. The father falls asleep on the couch. When the younger boy wakes up from his nightmare (in the middle of the night) he goes and jumps on the couch with his dad. When the older brother finally gets home, he also goes and gets on the couch.

My question for the movie was, “Would you agree that there is no room for hate in a family full of love? Why?” I think that this short film answered this question very clearly. I think this because it shows how close the family really was in several parts. Especially the dreams.

What did this short film say? This short film said that no matter how much you need something to keep on moving forward with your family, your family is the key to keep moving forward. Being positive is a key. Having hope is a key. There are many many keys.

Why does this short film matter? This short film matters because it has a very good lesson that you should find out on your own. I really do recommend this short film for many reasons. Thanks for reading and enjoy if you watch it!!! 🙂 – (Morgan Braun)


What do dreams consist of to classify them as a hope, nightmare, or image? Dreams, family, and the afterlife are all represented by and shown in the music video and short film, Afterlife by Arcade Fire. In the video, the storyline is thoroughly established and the character understanding is attained in many aspects.

The struggle of a widowed father trying to provide everything his late wife would have for his two sons who both desperately miss their deceased mother. The bond between the family of three is strong, although it is depicted that the elder son needs to have his freedom and have an interaction with his peers, the youngest son is placed in a scenario based on fright, and the father equally is surrounded with the illusion he is visiting his lost love, the video was a very rigorous topic to analyze.

To many of those who experienced the visible features depicted in the film, it was a video that had a very clear plot and movie-like characteristics as well as aspects, therefore creating a very enjoyable but arduous to break down and classify its components.  After viewing this confusing, yet simple, film, there was a clear emphasis on dreams. As shown in the film, the eldest son “falls asleep” after finding himself at a party catching the attention of the police force, and dreaming of seeing his deceased mother on a vehicle. The father of the family imagines an encounter with his wife in the “afterlife” as well as his youngest son being saved by his mother from a laundromat.  To revisit the question stated prior, as represented through the character’s dreams/ illusions, the components of a dream to classify it as an image seen while sleeping are hopes, loss, future, and forethought.

In conclusion, the short story or music video “Afterlife” emphasizes dreams through the three family members who mourn the loss of their mother/wife. Dreams are vital components of daily life, a vast majority of society experiences dreams at various points of the day. This film was thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking. (Katie Gardner)


The music video for Afterlife by Arcade Fire has three major components: dreams, family, and obviously, the afterlife. But these three components may not appear as clearly as most people would think. This video needs some major clarification for what is going on. But, most music videos have an unclear plot to the story, or simply no plot at all. The analysis of this video may be hard to break down.

The beginning of the video pictures a family of three; a father with his two sons. They are all eating dinner, and the older son asks if he can go to his friend’s house. His father responds no, that he is too tired and the friend’s house is too far away. Later, it shows the father reading to the younger son in bed until he falls asleep. Then, the older son leaves their house to go to his friend’s house. The whole storyline is very confusing and convoluted to begin with.

After the father “falls asleep,” we see him walking a grey and dusty road by himself, while the band sings the main chorus of the song. There, he finds a woman, who most viewers suspect to be his wife. This recurring scene throughout the video is suspected to be the afterlife, and the father is thought to be dead. But, my personal theory is that the supposed afterlife is actually a dream that the father has, and his wife is there because he is subconsciously dreaming about her. Before I viewed the film, I wondered if people dreamed of places, people, or things they either liked or disliked can appear in their dreams because of that reason. I think the answer the video gave is that people, places, or things that you love can appear in your dreams.

In conclusion, these things matter because they happen to virtually everyone. It means that strong emotions toward something can lead to dreams or visions about them. This video is well thought out and thought about many things most people wouldn’t ponder about. The film is very good, and is highly recommended from me. (Jennifer Sadler)


Afterlife is a short movie/ music video for the song by Arcade Fire. But we’re not here for the music. The video is about a Mexican family of a father, an elder son, and a younger son. You probably noticed that the mother was missing. Judging by the name of the song (Afterlife) you can guess that the mother is dead. Its focus is on how they miss their mother and how they visit her through their dreams. They each do this by having each character do something or go somewhere. The eldest son wants to go out and hang out with his friends. He gets drunk or something like that and he passes out and sees his mother in a dream. The youngest son gets put in a public washing machine. His mother comes and rescues him in this dream. As for the father he meets his wife at a prom back in his high school years.

The acting in the short film was good even though there wasn’t much dialogue. Dialogue can make or break an actor. The only dialogue was when the three were talking at a quiet dinner at night. So it deserved not to have much emotion in the dialogue. (Josh Benedict)


In this music video there was a lot to take in at once. First, I thought it was about death and that everyone died. But that never happened. Second, when that didn’t happen, my mind went backwards and upside down. Because I thought that one of the characters was dead, but he wasn’t dead. So the teen asks if he can go to a friend’s house to do a “project.” That project ends up being a party. Anyhow his dad says he can’t go over because it’s too late. When the dad goes to read to the little brother, he goes to the party. Both the dad and the little brother fall asleep. Then it cuts to the dreams of the two. The dream of the younger brother is a nightmare of him being put in a washing machine. The dream of the older man is a happy dream, I think. Some of the key words in this video are…emotional, sad, and fear. I could tell that the theme of this video was acceptance and fear. So if you get the opportunity to see this music video, I would take it. (Ethan McPeake)


I thought the whole video was confusing and weird. I didn’t really understand it that much. I don’t get how it’s related to the afterlife. (Jackson Barry)


Afterlife is a music video and song by Arcade Fire. I did not really enjoy the song, but the video is actually heartwarming. It teaches a good lesson about how we should not take family for granted because they won’t be around forever. It shows this by using dream sequences for each character. The acting is fine for a music video (nothing special). I guess you could say it’s just ok. I couldn’t say that I would recommend it, but if you have nothing else to listen to or watch give it a try. Rating: 5 out of 10 (Drew Whipple)


I didn’t really know what was happening, but I think they were in the afterlife and the teenager lied about doing a project and snuck out and went to a party instead. The dad was in the bed and I think when he went to bed and he had a dream about his wife and the wife was dead and everyone had a dream about her. (Caleb Barnes)


What is the afterlife?  Afterlife is a music video/story which is very well done, the cinematography, the acting and the music is all very well done and is executed perfectly. The video shows things that happened that were scary and people comforting them. It shows that family is always there for you when you need them. It also says that you will be with family forever. (Dylan Musgrave)


The Divergent Series: Allegiant


So from what I’ve seen it was kind of boring and I did not feel I would pay money to see it again. Personally like most sequels this series has been overly made and doesn’t deserve another movie. While there was a lot of action, there was also a little more drama than expected, but honestly it was pretty boring. I discussed this with others who felt so as well. I would not recommend this movie unless you’re into the series. And I have not seen the series, but from what I heard, I wouldn’t. Thanks.   (James Anderson)


The Divergent series recently released a new movie, Allegiant. Although this movie had a lot of characteristics to attract young viewers, there were many flaws regarding the characters and storyline. Many viewers loved the first movie, Divergent, because it was very similar to the book. Those who didn’t read the series enjoyed the movie because of the adventure and romance, or the captivating and exciting plot. But in the second movie, Insurgent, many viewers were upset because the movie was virtually nothing like the book. Viewers who did not read the book either liked it, again because of the plot, or were confused by what was going on. I believe that what happened with Insurgent was like Allegiant. Although many viewers liked the film for the constant excitement, there were many references from previous films and books, or just about the somewhat confusing plot that may have gone over viewer’s heads.

Even though there were a lot of flaws to this film, there will still be a lot of viewers who enjoy this movie. Admittedly, even through all of these problem spots with Allegiant, I honestly thought the movie kept my attention the whole time. There were no long periods of time without excitement or romance. This film is primarily targeted to pre-teens and young adults who love a good adventure-and honestly-want to see Four (Tobias), played by Theo James, who is brave in the face of danger and caring to his girlfriend, Tris, portrayed by Shailene Woodley. Many teens adore this couple and their story, so there is no doubt that many people will enjoy this film. If you love romance and somewhat intense scenes, then Allegiant is a film for you. However, if you do not enjoy romance and/or adventure, you will definitely not enjoy this film.

In conclusion, Allegiant is a film with a lot of confusing references and no clear connection to the other two films. Even though Divergent series book lovers may not be thrilled with this new addition to the series, the movie keeps an exciting tone and makes viewers want to relate to the characters. If you love romance, adventure, Shailene Woodley, and Theo James, then Allegiant is a film worth seeing! (Jennifer Sadler)


In the movie Allegiant, Tris is faced with a challenge, such challenge, will decide the fate of the settlement. As chaos starts to rot away at the Factions, Tris, Four and a few others escape beyond the wall to discover what truly lies behind it. They walk for miles upon miles of uncharted wasteland until they discover a “camo” wall and are saved by a patrol. Then they have to find out how to save their home. My opinion on the matter is that the film is a little boring at particular moments. It is not really an “on the edge of your seat” film for me and I didn’t read the book, so I did not know what happens. As for action, yeah it has great action scenes. Also I felt slightly lost at moments. It was a little all over the place. Special effects are really good though. This film is for fans of this series and those who like action, but not for people who don’t like action or a slight story. (Payton Sims)


The Divergent series has been one of the most popular and inspirational series throughout the young adult population for several years. The series consists of Divergent, the first book/film in the series, Insurgent, the second book/film, and Allegiant the final and third book/film in the series by Veronica Roth. Recently, director, Robert Schwentke released the film Allegiant. Although the film emphasized many characteristics through the main character, Tris, (portrayed by actress Shailene Woodley) that many young adults aspire to attain, Allegiant lacked many vital movie components, such as character development, a thoroughly explained plot, for the film had various plots that did not manage to tie into each other, making the film very confusing, and clear determination in aspects of character, setting, plot, costume, etc. With these unfortunate misinterpretations, the film, I found, was unenjoyable.

Aside from the errors Allegiant presented, the film also did not follow the book. Being an individual that viewed both the film and the books, Allegiant created an altered version of the book, but was not able to provide the same essence. As it is known, many films based on books/texts alter the overall story to add elements of a movie, but what Robert Schwentke was not able to do was take those elements and use them effectively. Not only did the film, Allegiant, adjust the plot and character development of the original book, but was not able to do so effectively, to the point the film was entertaining.

To conclude, the film Allegiant contained several errors in character development, interpretation of the book, a thoroughly explained plot, entertainment, and determination in aspects of character, and setting. Personally, I would not recommend this film. (Katie Gardner)


Recently I viewed the the upcoming movie Allegiant, and after that I have many thoughts and opinions. One thing that really shocked me was the similarities between this movie and that of the series, The Hunger Games. The traits of the characters in both movies were extremely similar to me, as well as the plot of the movie. (Connor Abate)


Allegiant is the 3rd instalment in the Divergent series. It falls flat in every category. The acting is bland and robotic, at times it’s even humorous when characters say something so serious with little expression or care. The action is not anything exciting or worth seeing the movie for. The story is far from original (basically The Hunger Games). The only good thing I can really say about this movie is that the character Peter is humorous. It is kinda interesting, but again not worth seeing the movie for. If you only go to see a couple movies at the theatre a year this should not be one of them. If you like or movies like this, I would recommend The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner series. (Worst movie of 2016 so far). Rating: 2.5 out of 10 (Drew Whipple)


So Tris is one scary girl. She can definitely fight. I would definitely not want to mess with her. I liked Allegiant because I liked all the action and suspense. I liked the whole series, but out of all of them Allegiant was my favorite. I liked the actors and the setting it was overall a good movie. (Jackson Barry)



He said that he was bored and that he just wasn’t pulled into the story. He also said that he didn’t know who Tris (the main character) is and by this film he didn’t really care. He also said that the movie should stand alone because it doesn’t make the movie entertaining. He said all the things Allegiant didn’t do or have, Daredevil had really really well. And about Daredevil, you would really care about the characters. So my reaction is that he’s right because he briefly explains on why he didn’t like the movie and I think they do that with all of the movies with a series like the first one is good, but it just gets worse by every movie. (Caleb Barnes)



Ok, first thing first in my opinion Allegiant was a very good movie. I guess that’s because I have read all the books and seen all the previous movies.

Allegiant has great special effects, but is a little too futuristic. Allegiant has a very good storyline and is consistent the whole movie. Allegiant has a dialogue that matches the futuristic theme very well. The characters are played very well. Tris is an independent young girl who tries to finish what her mother started. Four (Tobias) is played as a young man who is always suspicious and it leads him to help people because he was not easily manipulated. Peter is a backstabbing jerk (same as in the books) who will do anything for luxury. These are the characters that are most important in Allegiant and how they are played. Overall, Allegiant is a very good movie and I would see it again. (Dylan Musgrave)


So Tuesday of last week I went and saw the movie Allegiant. When I watched the movie I was totally and completely lost. No, I wasn’t lost because I didn’t read the book. The movie progressed too fast at beginning and then slowed down. It just seems that the movie was making stuff up right as the action stopped at the beginning.

Even though the movie was targeted to tweens and teens, I HATED IT. It seems that the movie bounces around with reality and the theme on purpose (and that’s a bad thing). At first it seems like break the boundaries then the movie is saying you’re only a good person when you’re perfect. They do this perfect saying by talking about people messing with their genetic makeup to make them smart or strong. But when you did this there would be problems. Like you wouldn’t be nice or you wouldn’t have logic or you would have certain fears. This is starting to sound familiar doesn’t it? Well I don’t want to spoil the whole movie but this part really activated me. Once we got to the end the movie was saying that it’s okay to be imperfect. So cliché I know. It’s like the power Voldemort didn’t know was a mother’s love.

Judging by what I have seen from the Divergent series it just felt dragged down. The first movie was the best because it had a good idea! By continuing it just feels dragged out and boring. You are probably asking by now is there any good in this movie? Well…. Yes the only good thing there was that peter was cracking jokes throughout the movie. He had several good parts like “That was the coolest weirdest shower ever I have ever had.” The only downside to Peter was that he pulled his “I will do whatever to get what Peter wants.” Overall, I recommend seeing the movie, but don’t expect much from it. (Josh Benedict)